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Pheonix Premium Namwood Charcoal 15 Kg - FREE PEACH PAPER & DELIVERY


Phoenix Premium Lump wood Charcoal:

Our premium charcoal is produced in Namibia from hardwood. For the user, it unfolds the highest demands when grilling and is characterized by a very long burning time with consistently high heat.

Sustainable support to Namibian forestry working on the "bush encroachment" project and through your forestry curbing the spread of the invader bush and working to restore the environment to its original diversity and raise the groundwater table

Ecological responsibility

De-bushing does not stand for the wild deforestation of rainforests. But on the contrary.

It is about fighting invasive plants in Southern Africa, such as the Sekelbos. These bush species have been spreading unhindered in the wild for decades and are changing nature sustainably.

The consequence is that the pasture land necessary for survival of wild animals flourishes.

Targeted promotion of small businesses and controlled deforestation will finally create more space for animals and important jobs for local people.

Sustainability & environmental awareness

We live up to our environmental responsibility and use exclusively invasive bush species such as Sekelbos, Gelhaak, Kameeldoring, and Mopane for our Braai premium wood for lumber.

100% natural

Sustainable harvesting supporting Animal, Nature and Local communities in Southern Africa

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