Konros Hibachi Grills

Konros Hibachi Grills - Japanese BBQ’s

When it comes to grilling meats, fish or vegetables; we strongly encourage you to invest in a Konro grill from Japan; the king of Binchotan burning grills.

Binchotan charcoal has long burning properties and an ability to seal in natural flavours without imparting other aromas which makes it the perfect choice and our range of Konro grills are made using a special insulating material which reflects heat directly back into the grill, resulting in consistent temperatures during grilling.

Our range of Konro grill Japanese BBQs are available in three different sizes; small (2 - 4 people), medium (4 - 8 people) and large (8 - 12 people) and we offer Binchotan charcoal in 10 kg boxes.

What’s special about these grills?

It is said that Hibachi was developed in the 18th century A.D. The primary purpose of these grills was to act as heaters. However, they transformed to become cooking utilities, just like the way we use the modern electric hot plates.

Over time, people discovered that these grills were impressive for cooking yakitori and other food items.

The original material used to make Konro was volcanic diatomaceous earth, a material with a natural capacity of dispersing and retaining heat.

What kind of meat do you cook on a Konro grill?

With a decent amount of charcoal, a Konro grill can produce up to 750° C. Since these grills come in a compact shape and sizes, their ceramic or firebrick construction makes them ideal for cooking skews of sliced vegetables or meat.

Since the food is cooked just a few inches away from the charcoal, its juice drips down to the grill, and then it evaporates into a smoky puff of deliciousness. This vapor infuses with the food being grilled.

The grill’s hot temperature is also ideal when it comes to creating crisp caramelized skins on different types of meat.

Usually, you cook Yakitori (skewers) on the Konro. These skewers are the right size for grilling over hot charcoal. Chicken is the most popular meat. 

But you can also cook meats like beef ribeye steak, pork, or seafood. 

As well, you can roast vegetables and make delicious vegan meals.