Our MONOLITH charcoal is a high-end charcoal from certified European forestry, where only hardwoods such as beech, oak, ash and hornbeam are refined using the controlled retort process. In this process, resulting tars and acids are extracted and you get a uniformly charred, very high-energy charcoal.
The coarser sorting of 4 – 12 cm prevents too dense location of the charcoal in the fire box / in the carbon basket and thus favours optimal airflow.
Due to the perfect carbonization, the coal can be ignited very quickly and you can reach temperatures of 200 – 250 °C in 10 – 15 minutes. With an energy value of 31,700 kJ / kg you get a very long-lasting, in case of need very high heat. In combination with the storage properties of the MONOLITH barbecue, you can safely tackle any long job with just one filling.