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800 Degree Celcius Smokeless Top Grill Resaurant Quality Grilling
Up to 890 degree C surface temperature allows you to get an ideal steak with crispy outside and juicy in the middle. Gas grill BBQ The most important result of the "Top-fire" technology is Smokeless Cooking. BBQ steak gas grill. It only takes you 45 seconds per side to make the Steakhouse Quality Steaks at home.

Steak House Quality at Home      


About NuBroiler

What is a broiler though? Well, a broiler is a direct, super-concentrated heating element. While your oven normally produces ambient heat that goes all around the food you're cooking, the broiler heats from above—an immediate delivery system for high heat.

Redefining the Broiler

 The  Key To A  Perfect steak Is To "broil" It @800 Degree C. So it’s hot. Awesome. We can use that heat for plenty of things, namely achieving an unparalleled crispy texture on some of our favourite foods. Right off the bat, we associate a broiler with turning a cheesy topping into mind-bendingly melty, stretchy, bubbly goodness. We like finishing anything from lasagna to nachos to pizzas under the broiler for just a couple of minutes (we don’t want to completely char this stuff). Speaking of pizza: If you’re doing a pie with cured meat like ham in the oven at home, you best be hitting it with the broiler at the end. The flames will crisp the edges of that pork in the same way you’d find them at your favourite wood-fired pizza joint.



 The State-of-the-art Performance Depends On Every Single Piece Perfect SUS304 Panel And The Compact Design BBQ steak gas grill.

More than broiling:

NuBroiler Is Not Only A Method Of Broiling Foods, but also a way To Connect People Happily BBQ steak gas grill.


But fair warning: With great power comes great responsibility. This intense heat has to be monitored. You can’t just throw a raw steak under the broiler and forget about it. The best way to get to know your broiler is to use it for finishing things you’ve already cooked. Keep an eye on what you choose to finish, making sure you remove it from heat when it reaches the desired colour and texture. It happens pretty quickly.

Once you start using your broiler, you won’t stop. You’ll look at Old You with a pity-filled smile. The naivety, the childish innocence. Broiling will become a quintessential part of your kitchen existence. You’ll find yourself saying a phrase we’re pretty fond of in these parts: “I’ll just finish it under the broiler.” And then you’ll do just that, pulling your crispy, juicy, salty chicken wings from the oven and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.