Peach Paper

BBQ Peach - Butcher Paper roll 5 Meters

Pink/Peach Butcher Paper, FDA Approved and the original meat smoking paper for Texas style BBQ (50 cm wide in 5 m lengths)

  • This is 100% FDA Approved CounterKraft™ Pink Butcher Paper.
  • The ORIGINAL Pink/Peach meat smoking paper is also great for Storing, cooking, serving, wrapping and smoking meat.
  • This is Unbleached, Unwaxed, Uncoated Durable Pink Butcher paper proven to provide superior holdout.
  • Buy only as much as you want.

Buy butchers paper by the meter for only 99p per meter

A Qty of 1 = 5 m roll, Qty of 2 = 2 x 5m rolls

Many competition BBQ teams prefer to wrap their brisket, ribs, etc. in Peach Paper (also known as Butchers Paper), rather than tin foil, and FireFly BBQ has secured a source of heavy-duty (65 gsm) 500 mm-wide Peach Paper in easy-to-handle 5 m rolls to meet these demands.

Made by a specialist mill in the USA, where it is also known as Steak Paper, FireFly BBQ Peach Paper is specially formulated to reduce the effect of the atmosphere around red meat after it has been cut, therefore helping to preserve meat by retaining its colour and moisture.  Meat placed on FireFly BBQ Peach Paper retains its blood and juices which improve both appearance and shelf life.

When smoking, meat wrapped in FireFly BBQ Peach Paper will keep the juices with the meat, and unlike many inferior papers, it is strong enough to peel straight from the meat when wet or dry without tearing or leaving paper attached.

This video from Franklin BBQ in Texas provides a good comparison of butchers paper vs. foil vs. 'naked' brisket.

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