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CocoCabana Charcoal

Cococabana Charcoal

We believe a living tree is a happy tree so we set out to bring high quality, top-performing charcoal without the need to fell trees. Coconut shell is an organic material rich in carbon so a perfect material for making briquettes.

coconut shells

Working with our rural supply chains we carefully select the shells that are delivered to us. When combined with an environmentally friendly carbonisation technique and sophisticated briquette presses the results are briquettes that will perform at the highest level.


Producing any high end product demands high end technology. At Arsta eco we have developed state of the art equipment that allows us to harvest multiple products from one feedstock leaving ZERO waste. Our Pyrolysis reactor® is a continuous feed 2 stage vessel capable of running 24/7 and accepting multiple feedstocks. Various add on processing components make up the production architecture. Pyrolysis is the thermo chemical combustion of organic material in the absence of oxygen.

zero waste

It is of course partly true when traditional producers claim their product is C02 neutral . After all very few producers are transparent about their methodology. The true part of the argument is the wood when it was growing consumed Co2 and when it is combusted as charcoal on a BBQ converts the Carbon Monoxide to C02 and so this delivers the neutrality. But unless something has been done to capture the Methane and other gasses this claim is at best a half truth.

By buying this 100% sustainable product you are ensuring the Lungs of the Earth will survive for all future generations. Behind the scenes, the producing company goes further. Through regular tree planting programmes with local farmers, we ensure any storm-damaged trees are immediately replaced ensuring not only a steady supply of coconuts but as importantly maintaining the livelihoods of rural farmers and their families.

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