Carolina Reaper Dried Pods - Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper

The Carolina reaper is currently the hottest chilli in the world. Clocking in at a formidable 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale, we recommend approaching this chilli with extreme caution! And preferably a biohazard suit.

The Carolina reaper was originally a cross between the naga bhut jolokia chilli and the red habanero. The best way to use a reaper is to infuse it in liquid – water, oil, sauce – then discard the chilli and continue cooking with the infusion. It will still be eye-wateringly hot, but you should be able to taste the Carolina reaper’s sweet, fruity & chocolatey flavour.

  • Guinness World Record Holder at over 2.2m SHU
  •  20 x hotter than a Vindaloo or weapons grade
  • Great fruity flavour, pungent aroma and lots and lots of heat
  • Add to your cooking, whether its baked beans, a stew, curry, or just soup
  • Handle with Care
  • The Chillies come in a resealable plastic bag.

Carolina Reaper Whole Pods including seeds the Hottest pods you can get your hands on and the current World Record Holder. (for now) Please use plastic gloves when handling!

WARNING: Be careful handling these chillies, as they can cause a painful burning sensation. Avoid contact with the eyes or any sensitive skin before washing your hands thoroughly. Weight Variant will be made up of different size pods to make the minimum weight. Individual pods are available if you need an exact number.

Please keep this product in a safe place away from children.

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