Monolith Sauce Pot & Brush

Monolith BBQ Sauce Pot & Brush

Marinade pot made of brushed stainless steel with a silicone basting brush. Great for applying marinades, sauces and glazes. By hanging the brush on the hook over the pot, the excess marinade can drip back down into the pot. It can also be placed on the grill to warm up the contents and later stored on one of the side table hooks.

  • Are you always getting in a mess with your BBQ marinade and marinade brush? Nowhere to put the brush?
  • Sorted - this stainless steel marinade pot comes with a stand and a hook, allowing the silicone marinade brush to hang over the pot and not drip all over the place!
  • Sauce pot is 5" Diameter and 3" Deep so can accommodate a good deal of sauce or marinade
  • The 4" diameter flat-bottom means that it is very stable
  • The attached stand is 16" high, and the hook on the front holds the 13" long marinade brush

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