BBQ Box - Love from the Streets

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BBQ Box:: 1 x Sexy Bull rub (100g), 1 x Candy Shop Cajun rub (90g), 1 x Big Red rub (100g), 1 x Toffee Apple and Jalapeño sauce (250ml), 1 x Bangin Burger sauce (250ml)

A mixture of classic flavours but with a Love from the Streets twist.  We have specially selected these from our range to enhance your BBQ experience and make your food taste like it was done by an expert, you can just sit back and call yourself the Pit-master.  Perfect for smoking, grilling or roasting.

Dirty Fries Box: Kimchi Salt & Pepper rub (120g), Shawarma Llama Ding Dong rub (80g), Shotgun Powder rub (100g), Kimchi Aioli (250ml), Honey Jerk BBQ sauce (250ml)

All the flavours that you need to make those beloved dirty, loaded fries or chips.  you will be able to achieve the flavours of your favourite restaurant ion your own home.  Make you chips of fries standout and take them to the next level.

Sexy Taco Box:Kimchi Salt & Pepper rub (120g), Shawarma Llama Ding Dong rub (80g), Shotgun Powder rub (100g), Kimchi Aioli (250ml), Honey Jerk BBQ sauce (250ml).

If you love Tacos like we do, then this is the box for you.  Take your tacos to a whole new level with these extra spices and sauces.  We have selected these products from our range so that you can serve the perfect dishes.  From our travels we have developed these flavours to bring you the perfect taste of South America.  Hide for a month and then tell people you have been travelling - these flavours will prove it!  

Some Like it Hot Box:1 x Mango Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 1, 1 x Raspberry Chipotle Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 2, 1 x Pineapple Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 3, 1 x Rum n Ting Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 4, 1 x The Game Changer Hot sauce (250ml) - Heat Level 5 (Our Hottest).

Our selection of hot sauces will satisfy any heat lover.  Not all of them will blow your head off, but they will leave you with a sweat.  Not just heat, but intense flavours make these the perfect sauces, all designed to give you food that extra kick.  Use to marinate or just for a dip, they are perfect for any occasion, and as there is always one that wants the hottest, we have added in 'The Game Changer' to keep them quiet.  We have designed this box as some just like it hot.  

Ultimate Wing Box: 1 x JFC Fried Rooster Spice rub (100g), 1 x Nashville Hot rub (75g), 1 x Still Jerkin About rub (90g), 1 x Blindin' Buffalo Hot sauce (250ml), 1 x Raspberry Chipotle Hot sauce (250ml).

This is one of our best selling boxes, it gives you everything you need to make the best wings ever.  Smoked, fried, BBQ or from the oven - these flavours will elevate any wing.  Let us stress about the flavours so you are not left flapping.

Vegetarian/Vegan Box:1 x Big Red rub (100g), 1 x Nick the Greek rub (85g), 1 x Candy Shop cajun rub (90g), 1 x Raspberry and Chipotle sauce (250ml), 1 x Mango Hot sauce (250ml).

We are not just about meats and fish, we also love veggie & vegan food.  We have specially selected these from our range to compliment meat free dishes and products.  A selection of beautiful flavours from around the world to add that special something to your cooking.  These are guaranteed to enhance any dish and wow you friends and family, we do the work so you can take the credit

Please see individual sauces and rubs for allergens and ingredients.