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BBQ Fuel Dome (Vortex)

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BBQ Fuel Dome (Vortex)

Take Your BBQ Chicken Wings To The Next Level

  • Made for Weber BBQ Kettles, But Doesn't Fit Slimline Versions
  • Fits Most Bullet Smokers
  • Fits All big green eggs and Kamado Ceramic BBQ's
  • Natural firelighters included
  • Made from high grade brushed stainless steel and creates a powerful Vortex effect in your BBQ
  • The height of our dome is 120mm

The BBQ fuel dome is a must-have gadget for your weber kettle. whether you cook low and slow or like to grill direct 

Low & Slow Cooking 
The Dome can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat which turns your kettle into an indirect 'smoker'. 

Steak house Searing 
fill the dome and get your coals glowing, this creates a very intense concentrated cooking surface in the centre of your BBQ, allowing you to achieve that true steakhouse sear.

Indirect Heat 
Beer can chicken is a perfect example of this, simply sit the chicken in the upside-down BBQ Dome, spread some lit coals around the outside of the dome and cook it indirectly and evenly all the way around. 

This version of the BBQ Dome is designed to work with the weber GBS grill with the removable middle, it will sit perfectly under this, other style grates may sit a few millimetres lower, this doesn't affect the operation but it may wobble slightly. The GBS grate is our recommendation, due to the removable middle, this enables you to fill the dome full of coal and then stack your chosen smoking wood on top, longer burn times and more smoke will give your food that extra special taste and texture. 

Always remember to do an initial burn off before using the product!