Cactus Jack 16'' Offset Smoker

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Cactus Jack 16'' Offset Smoker

The 16'' special is great in a tight space, it's small footprint means you can fit it in the corner of a small garden or balcony.
Cactus Jack have been kind enough to let us freeze the pricing on these smokers, so don't miss out on this amazing deal. 

This is the most popular BBQ of the Cactus Jack for household usage.
Small, nice, practical and fits on any terrace or in any garden.

All Cactus Jack BBQ’s are fully equipped with Inox Grill racks in the main and in the firebox chamber and all 16″ BBQ’s come with the patented Cactus Jack BBQ Stone, the ash cleaning tool and a thermometer.


16'' Refers to the diameter of the pipe used to make it. 
Weight: 140 kg 

Mass (L / W / H): 145/80/150 cm
Cook Chamber Cooking Area: 390mm Deep x 670mm Long
Firebox Cooking Area: 390mm Deep x 390mm Long

New: All Cactus Jack BBQ’s are equipped with vulcanised rubber metal wheels and rubber protective feet.

New: All grills are sandblasted and stove-enamelled with a special heat-resistant paint (up to 700 °) at a high temperature in your oven.

New: All grills have access for an external meat thermometer probe (optional) and all BBQ’s have the bracket for the swivel arm (optional) above the fire box for cooking in pots and the adapter for the height-adjustable grill system (optional) for easy direct grilling on variably adaptable Heights in the fire box.