Cactus Jack 20'' Longhorn Offset Smoker

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Cactus Jack 20'' Longhorn Offset Smoker

All Cactus Jack BBQ’s are fully equipped with the patented. Cactus Jack smoke & particle filter, with rubber protective feet and on rubberised metal wheels, Inox grill grates, ash pusher and large fat drip tray.

Longhorn 20”

Size: 200 X 90 X 170 CM
Cooking Area: 99 X 48 CM Main Chamber & 54 x 48 Firebox
Weight: 210 KG

The Longhorn is the popular medium household model, with enough capacity. Everything is firmly welded and built robustly with 6.5mm steel and with a durable Heat-resistant paint processed. A long-term companion for all BBQ fans and such which one would like to become.


The larger main chamber and fire box provide you with more cooking options. All Cactus Jacks are provided with a brass plate with the serial number and the product name.

All Cactus Jack BBQ Smokers have an infrared temperature sensor access.
Adapter sleeve at the fire box for the height-adjustable grill grate system (optional) available. Sleeve for swivel arm for cooking in the cast pots (optional) available above the fire box.

Heavy Duty Construction

If there's one thing you want from an offset smoker, it's thick steel walls. This is the single most important thing, a thick walled offset smoker will run at an easy consistent temperature once it's heated.
Cheap offset smokers with thin walls, will loose heat faster than your fire can supply heat, and become impossible to run and manage a consistent fire. 
A steady heat running through a well built smoker like ours, will cook food faster and better.
Heat fluctuations will have you frustrated and forever running late on cooks, the better the smoker the easier it is to use.
Our Cactus Jack offset smokers are built in 7mm steel all round, and weigh in excess of 180 kg.
A true lifetime BBQ smoker.

Traditional vs Reverse Flow

Traditional flow is the heat running from the firebox, through the cooking chamber and out of the chimney, simply right to left. This diagonal heat path of the air means you can utilize different temperatures in the cook chamber for ultimate cooking flexibility.

Reverse flow is a lower smokier cooking technique, where you direct the heat flow under a plate, then back across the food.

Traditional is our chosen method every time, but if you wanted the reverse flow for a certain type of cook, you will just need our reverse flow kit consisting of a second chimney and steel baffle plate.