Cactus Jack Chuckwagon

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Cactus Jack Chuckwagon

The 16″ and the 20″ Chuckwagons are especially designed for high demanding cooks and BBQ Fans. Also from this size and model generation any Restaurant or Caterer or Hotel can satisfy easily any and all needs.

With the additional Smoking Chamber you obtain a lot of flexibility and you can run several temperature in the same cooking process up to 80 °C difference in the total cooking area.
Like this you can smoke and BBQ or Bake and BBQ etc.

The 16″ Chuckwagon Ranch has an upper Inox shelf in the main chamber to increase cooking capacity and versatility.

Larger Front and Smoking and Firebox outer shelf are helping for extensive cooking & BBQ

Fully equipped with ash tool, grease drip pot large, Cactus Jack Leather Gloves, Thermometer (2) and the patented Cactus Jack BBQ Stone (no flames can enter the main chamber and all dust and charcoal or wood particles can enter the cooking area – only the humidity and the taste – and the stone pushes the temperature evenly down which is excellent for smoking and for quality BBQ) and last but not least it is self cleaning!

with access for external Thermometer Probes is located at the main chamber

with adaptor for height adjustable Grilling Rack System at the Fire Box

All Cactus Jack BBQ’s are fully equipped with the patented. Cactus Jack smoke & particle filter, with rubber protective feet and on rubberised metal wheels, Inox grill grates, ash pusher and large fat drip tray.


16” Chuckwagon Ranch

Size: (L/W/H) 230 X 80 X 200 CM
Cooking Area: 130 X 38 CM
Weight: 280 KG

20” Chuckwagon Magic Jack

Size: 245 X 90 X 210 CM
Cooking Area: 150 X 48 CM
Weight: 340 KG

  • 7mm Thick Steel
  • Front shelf, fireplace shelf and wood shelf
  • Storage grate in front of the fire box
  • 2 thermometers
  • 3 stainless steel grill grates in the main chamber
  • 4 smoke chamber grill grates made of inox
  • Particularly large fire box with additional stainless steel grill grate
  • Integrated hotplate on the lid
  • Swivel arm bracket available
  • Ash pusher
  • Convection tube for optimal heat distribution
  • Catering version with slider
  • Additional grill grate in the fire box new
  • Additional grill grate / 2nd level in the main chamber
  • Adapter for height-adjustable grill grate for the fire box
  • Wheels vulcanized with rubber as standard
  • New with chimney docking station (left & right) and therefore also suitable for reverse flow (optional kit)