Cactus Jack Filter Stone

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Revolutionary Way To Even Your Cooking Temperatures 


  • Even out your cooking temperatures 
  • Eliminate hot & cool spots
  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Filters ash from entering the cook chamber
  • Helps with bark and smoke ring formation 

This filter stone was designed for the 16'' Cactus Jack offset smoker models. 
We found due to their smaller volume cook chambers they benefited from a ''top-down'' heat distribution,

Having the stone positioned between the cook chamber and the firebox means it will baffle the searing heat coming into the cook chamber and direct it upwards away from the food. As the heat hits the top of the cook chamber it will bounce and swirl round the cooker before exiting.
This has a few benefits of keeping the heat and smoke in the cooker for longer, while also eliminating hot spots. 

You can also use this stone in the groove provided (groove not present in older units), this mounts it extremely close to the firebox, and will enable you to build a large fire and run it with all fire doors open in ''Fire pit''/''ambient'' mode, enjoy the heat from an open fire, while keeping your cooking chamber temperatures low and slow (as pictured). 

Why not try dipping it in your favourite beer for extra flavour and moisture during your cook.
Once finished with and cooled down, simply wash for next time.