Cactus Jack Fire Management Basket

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Cactus Jack Fire Management Basket

Clean Consistent Wood Burning every Time

Fire management baskets were made popular in the US by Kosmo Q, the competition BBQ cook.
This basket will extend your wood refill times upto an hour!!
The problem with offset smoker fire management, is you need to make sure you keep your burning wood embers in a tight area, so when you put your next log on it takes quickly, minimising the time you have dirty smoke running through the cook chamber while it's igniting.

The above is a skill you can learn and it doesn't take long. But it will never be as effective as a basket like this.
The 'V' shape of the basket allows the wood embers to fall into a small well-vented area. The other added bonus is the radiant heat this basket gives off, this will help your wood burn cleanly and efficiently.
It's shape works perfectly with a pinwheel style damper intake, clean air is drawn into the fire, then funnelled through the basket and into the cook chamber, creating minimum air disturbance, making for a more efficient fire and burn.

Run charcoal and wood, or just charcoal. 

We recommend you remove the fire grate if using on a Cactus Jack smoker, run the basket off the base of the fire box.

Top opening is 12.5'' long 12'' wide 7'' tall, weight 16lbs

3/16'' thick fully welded plate construction with removable/replaceable expanded metal bottom

Fits All Cactus Jacks, Oklahoma Joe Offsets, and more