Carolina Reaper Chili Powder - World Record Holder

Carolina Reaper Chilli Powder

Guinness World Record Holder at over 2.2m SHU
  • 20 x hotter than a Vindaloo or weapons-grade
  • Great fruity flavour, pungent aroma and lots and lots of heat
  • Add to your cooking, whether its baked beans, a stew, curry, or just soup
  • Handle with Care

In the world of the seriously hot chilli, Carolina Reaper is at the moment definitely the Top Boy! With heat levels that can reach over 2,200,000 units on the Scoville Scale, this US chilli is much more than most people can handle. But for those who can stand the heat, it is the Holy Grail of capsaicin, much hotter even than the Moruga or the Ghost Chilli. In culinary terms, its main use would be as a component in a hot sauce, but even then in extremely small quantities. The taste beneath the heat is fruity and sweet, with chocolate and cherry notes.

Please note - without wishing to sound like some sort of marketing ploy, we cannot stress enough how potent this stuff is. So please when handling take extra care with it. We strongly advise the wearing of gloves, and a respirator or mask to avoid inhaling particles or fumes when cooking. The smallest amount of this powder on the skin, or worse still in the eyes or inhaled, can cause serious irritation. In food though, it's exceptional!

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