Cayenne Ground Pepper Powder - Hot

Cayenne Ground Pepper Powder - Hot - 70,000 SHU

Cayenne pepper adds punch to curries, soups, stews, burgers and a whole variety of spicy dishes. You can use it to liven up just about any savoury dish, it can even be added to sweet dishes to add a flavour twist, try adding a pinch or two to chocolate in all its forms, hot chocolate, icing, sauce and pudding. Add a light dusting of cayenne pepper to potato wedges or roasted vegetables for a spicy twist.

Brief History: Cayenne was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the 16th century and was introduced to the European market but it was the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was credited with the introduction of the chilli to Africa and Asia. While cayenne and chilli peppers are now grown on all continents, the largest commercial producers of the spice are China, Turkey, Nigeria, Spain and Mexico.

Note: Ever wondered why Cayenne seems to be hotter from one supplier than from another? Well basically on the market it is sold in two varieties Medium and Hot (see our other Cayenne) both are cayenne just the heat level changes.

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