Champion BBQ Gift Set

Champion BBQ Gift Set

Each set comes with 1 kg of premium wood smoking pellets, 500g of our versatile Memphis Pig Rub, and 1 litre of Award Winning BBQ Sauce. Enough to keep you going for at least a day or two.

Choose between our:

American Royal 2019 Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet:- Competition BBQ Sauce

NYC Sauce King 2020 Best International Sauce:- Korean BBQ Sauce


Memphis Pig BBQ Rub 500g


  • Versatility is what Memphis Pig Rub is all about! It is a go-to BBQ rub for pork, chicken, beef, fish, prawns, and vegetables. With its rich, smoky sweet flavours, this rub can be used with anything on a BBQ- even fruit!

  • Monolith Wood Pellets 1 Kg

  • Made purely of hardwood (no bark used) and are suitable for all types of grills. The pellets are scattered directly on to the charcoal – no soaking required.

  • Korean BBQ Sauce

    NYC Sauce King 2020 - Best International Sauce

    It’s BBQ Sauce but not as you know it. This sauce is sweet, sticky, spicy, savoury, and totally addictive you will want to try it on everything. An authentic mix of Soy, Gochujang, Spring Onions, and aromatic ginger it's a must for that authentic KFC (that's Korean Fried Chicken).


  • Competition BBQ Sauce

  • American Royal Best Sauce on the Planet 2019 - Vinegar category

    Voted the Best BBQ sauce in its category at the prestigious American Royal 2019 in Kansas City out of over 500 entries from around the world. This sauce is now blazing a trail in the competition BBQ circuit.