Cherry Smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt

Smoked salts are a bold, flavourful way to add flame-grilled aroma and smoky complexity to just about any dish.

Great Taste 2019 Gold Start Winner

Smoked salt is perfect for enhancing the salinity of a dish while imparting the smokiness inherent to burnt wood, and the flavour unique to different types of wood. It is perfect for anyone from meat-eaters who want to beef up a BBQ, to vegans and vegetarians looking to add flame-grilled flavour to a dish.

We use natural Mediterranean sea salt, smoke from the finest Cherry wood chips and a lot of experience. Our master smoker produces this salt in the heart of the High Peak National Park with a lot of heart and soul and passion in the cold smoking process. 72 hours the Mediterranean sea salt is in the smoking chamber. During this time, the salt takes on a beautiful golden-brown colour and an intense, natural smoke aroma. The application possibilities for smoking salts are almost unlimited. Whether soups, sauces, marinades and dressings, fish, meat, vegetables, mushrooms and egg dishes, even desserts can be enhanced with a small pinch of Cherry smoked Mediterranean sea salt with a completely new taste component.

Only about 5% of all types of smoked salts are actually smoked, and are smoke-flavoured. Smoked salt differs from smoke-flavoured salt, as the latter contains a smoke-flavoured additive, and is not classified as a natural salt product. Most types of smoked salt are mixed with smoke flavours.

Mediterranean Salt Contains No Preservatives, Additives, added Iodine, Anti-caking agents, or bleach.

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