COCOCABANA Coconut Barbecue Briquettes

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COCOCABANA Coconut Barbecue Briquettes

  • High calorific value due to in-house developed pressing of the briquettes // Lower costs thanks to three times better efficiency
  • Even glow with constant heat // Odourless and low smoke build-up, ideal for use in the city or the balcony
  • Space-saving due to low amount usage. Low ash design, making it easy to clean the barbecue.
  • Long burning time: with 3 kg barbecue briquettes on average 6 hours of barbecue pleasure.

In addition, with the briquettes we meet the highest temperature requirements for grilling. With a detailed test, the briquettes have become hot over 800 degrees Celsius. With this heat development you can prepare perfect steaks. Cococabana can also be used at low heat e.g. for pulled pork or spare ribs at the highest level.

The burning time can also be seen. With over 6 hours of excellent grill heat, you can achieve a longer barbecue pleasure.

We would like to emphasise that thanks to our high-quality workmanship, the embers burn very evenly. This reduces the formation of soot and smoke. The barbecue briquettes are therefore ideal for barbecuing in the city or on the balcony. There are usually less ashes. This means you can clean the grill more easily.

Thanks to the heating efficiency of barbecue briquettes made of coconut material, you protect not only the environment, but also your own wallet. By burning the briquettes three times longer than standard charcoal, you need less material when grilling.

For this, more money remains for high-quality barbecue.

If you use our products, you also save space for storage, as you need less barbecue briquettes made of coconut material. You can transport your shopping better thanks to less volume. Cococabana barbecue briquettes get hotter and last longer. Also great for the city.

Cococabana briquettes? Odourless and low-smoke