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Cococabana Coconut Z Hexagonal Charcoal

Coconut Z : Virgin Coconut shell barbecue briquettes. 17 kg Hexagonal shape

About this item:

  • High calorific value
  • No Chemicals used
  • Long even burning time 4+ hours
  • High but controllable heat output.
  • Suitable for all types of BBQs including Ceramics
  • Perfect for Reverse Sear, High sear or Low n Slow
  • Innovative shape to aid airflow and increase surface area
  • Made from 100% sustainable and renewable materials
  • Processed using environmentally friendly technology
  • Efficient packaging to lower carbon footprint
  • NO trees are felled to produce these briquettes


Fixed carbon content >70%.
Ash Content < 8%.
Moisture > 5%.

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