BBQ Guru - DigiQ DX3 Black Controller - Junior Ceramic kit

DigiQ DX3 Black Controller - Ceramic/Weber Kit

This unit is dedicated to the smaller aperture ceramics such as the Kamado Joe / Monolith Junior and the Small / Minimax Big Green Egg

The DigiQ® DX3 solves the two most common grilling problems: regulating the temperature in the grill and accurately monitoring the temperature of the food. Simply plug the Pit Viper fan into the monolith and set the required temperatures on the control unit. The high-tech control thus enables an automated and precise cooking process. By measuring the temperature deviations and constantly regulating the oxygen supply, an optimal temperature is generated.

Included in delivery: BBQ Guru DigiQ® DX3 control unit, power supply, pit temperature sensor, food temperature probe, Pit Viper fan, Air inlet adapter for Junior, storage bag, user manual.

Smarter control. Improved accuracy. Fresh new look.
Better tasting BBQ than ever before

Serve up your most delicious and succulent BBQ for family and friends at your next cook out, without the learning curve, hassle or frustration of controlling your cooker’s heat. With new custom settings and enhanced features, the new cutting-edge DigiQ® DX3 is your must-have automatic temperature control for consistently creating tender, juicy slow-cooked meat every time. 

Gain greater control over your heat for incredibly delicious results 

Keep your cooker’s heat at the perfect, precise temperature like never before. The new and advanced DigiQ® DX3’s SMART COOK feature makes it easier to hold even temperatures with pre-programmed modes that are perfectly tailored to your cooker. With a simple touch of a button, choose your ideal SMART COOK setting, and the fan’s variable flow rate will automatically adjust the amount of airflow based on the size and type of cooker you have.

Whether your grill requires more air at shorter intervals or less air at longer intervals, these adjustments lead to greater efficiency and better tasting meals.  


The DigiQ® DX3 has a sleek, upgraded new look as does the completely redesigned Pit Viper fan. The high temperature and water resistant Pit Viper fan includes an easier to use damper system with fine-tune adjustment capabilities, allowing you to create your perfect temperature and maximize fuel efficiency. 

Why is controlling your cooker’s temperature important?

 The DigiQ helps solve the two most common problems of cooking outdoors:

  • Regulating your grill’s temperature
  • Accurately monitoring your food’s temperature

Meat is naturally built around tough, chewy protein fibre structures called collagen. Cooking at precise low temperatures over several hours breaks down those bonds and transforms them into that incredibly tender, tantalizingly juicy, and amazingly delicious BBQ we all crave.

Works in Just Four Easy Steps:

  • Attach the DigiQ to your grill or smoker
  • Place the ambient digital thermometer inside on the pit grate
  • Place the food digital thermometer inside your meat
  • Set your desired temperature for the cooker and your “food ready” temperature

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