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As an exciting new addition to the UK BBQ scene, we give you Globaltic charcoal briquettes.

Having tested a vast array of woods from around the world we found that Birch trees, sourced from the European forests gave not only great resistance to heat but also low ash & larger lumps, giving a much more reliable end product.

So much attention to detail goes into our charcoal that we even produce our own kraft paper bags using 100% natural glues and produced using sustainable forests, making them 100% biodegradable!

Each bag contains 5kg of naturally bound high quality, long burn birch charcoal briquettes. Suitable for all methods of live-fire cooking & perfect for those low & slow cooks that we all love. Take the guesswork out of it and have more fun grilling with consistent, reliable charcoal briquettes made with no unnatural additives, binders or unwanted accelerants.

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