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Globaltic Birch Select Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg Box

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Globaltic Birch Select Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg Box

This is one of the world's best hardwood (birch) charcoals sourced sustainably in Eastern European forests.

Cooking food on charcoal is a fun process. However different charcoal will bring a different flavour to your food. That’s where the tannins come in. The more there are in the wood, the more bitter and burning flavour you get. Karelian birch has 15% tannins, while most other European trees have 50-60%. So with birch, we can get the food to taste just as it’s meant to.

  • Sorted lumps of universal size
  • 15kg box for easy storage
  • Effective transportation

Product specifications

Charcoal grade A, grade 1
Density, g/cm3 Not less than: 0.37
Mass fraction of ash, % Not more than: 3.0
Mass fraction of carbon, % Not less than: 78
Mass fraction of water, % Not more than 6
Mass fraction of rebrands, % Max 2
The mass of 1 dm3 of coal, g Not less: 210
Heating Level, Kcal/kg 6800
Burning Time 980 sec/cm3

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