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Globaltic Birch Select Lumpwood Charcoal 15kg Box

Only the absolute best hand-selected lumps become Silver Birch Select, expertly crafted from the core of Silver Birch trees. This is your ticket to an incredible restaurant-grade BBQ experience. Available in a 15kg box, Silver Birch Select is made up of only the best-formed large chunks, boasting a long clean burn and producing low ash. When assessed, our charcoal lasts up to three times longer than other lump wood brands. By choosing Globaltic, you get excellent value charcoal for your money.

Tip: Use our Signature product to ‘dirty sear’ a steak for the ultimate food and fire experience!

Cooking food on charcoal is a fun process. However, different charcoal will bring a different flavour to your food. That’s where the tannins come in. The more there are in the wood, the more bitter and burning flavour you get. Karelian birch has 15% tannins, while most other European trees have 50-60%. So with birch, we can get the food to taste just as it’s meant to.

  • Sorted lumps of universal size
  • 15kg box for easy storage
  • Effective transportation

Product specifications

Charcoal grade A, grade 1
Density, g/cm3 Not less than: 0.37
Mass fraction of ash, % Not more than: 3.0
Mass fraction of carbon, % Not less than: 78
Mass fraction of water, % Not more than 6
Mass fraction of rebrands, % Max 2
The mass of 1 dm3 of coal, g Not less: 210
Heating Level, Kcal/kg 6800
Burning Time 980 sec/cm3
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