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Premium Hexagonal Briquettes

These hexagonal charcoal briquettes are perfect for grilling and cooking meals with true heat in indoor and outdoor settings. Their burning time is up to 5 hours on an open fire, and the peak temperature is 800 degrees Celsius.

Smoke-Free & Odourless

Get the unparalleled heat and cooking quality of charcoal without a hint of smoke with these briquettes. Being smoke-free makes this charcoal perfect for indoor and outdoor kitchens, making the cooking experience more versatile and comfortable, with no nasty smells or fumes.

Natural Compression

Natural Compression: We naturally compress this charcoal into its hexagonal shape without using harsh chemicals. This means you can cook with confidence that your food won’t suffer from contaminants.
Natural Ukrainian Materials
We source all our oak and birch wood to make this charcoal in Ukraine. This means you can trust that your purchase is contributing towards supporting the economy of one of our most in-need international friends.

Used in top restaurants

We don’t just use “restaurant-grade” as a hollow selling point - there’s the real truth behind it. These hexagonal briquettes are used in top restaurants such as SushiSamba and Burger & Lobster, along with 12 Michelin Star restaurants across Europe. Quality food comes from quality ingredients and the right charcoal is one of them.

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