Mexican Whole Dried GUAJILLO Chillies

Heat: 3/10

Origin: Mexico

This is one of the most popular chillies in Mexican cuisine, alongside the Ancho. The flavours of Guajillo are spicy, citrussy, smoky and sweet, all at the same time. They are truly wonderful and will transform your dish! As one of the milder Mexican chillies, they can generally be used in any dish which needs chilli flavour but not too much heat. They work particularly well in tomato salsas, where they give balance and depth.

Classic uses: are for making Adobo sauce, salsas and the traditional Guadalajara dish Chile con Carne.

A guajillo chilli (chilli guajillo in Spanish) is a variety of chilli pepper of the species Capsicum annuum that are produced by drying the mirasol  a popular Mexican chilli. Its heat (rating 2,500 to 5,000 on the Scoville scale) is considered mild to hot. They are sometimes used to make the salsa for tamales; the dried fruits are seeded, soaked, pulverized to a thin paste, then cooked with salt and several other ingredients to produce a thick, red, flavourful sauce.

Guajillo chillies may be used in pastes, butters, or rubs to flavour all kinds of meats, especially chicken. Alternatively, they can be added to salsas to create a sweet side dish with a surprisingly hot finish.

Heat rating 5000shu

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