Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt

Red Hawaiian salt connects us with ancient Hawaiian culture

This salt, extracted from the seawater of the Pacific, has already been used by the Hawaiian natives and has to this day also ceremonial, ritual and health significance among Hawaiians. For example, tools and objects are cleaned with them. Salt is given a healing effect. It has been used for a long time in the conservation of fish. The beautiful colouration preserves the mineral-rich Hawaiian salt by adding reddish, iron oxide-containing alumina of volcanic origin. This special Alaea Earth is found exclusively on the Aloha Islands in rare layers of lava rock. For the locals, this special volcanic earth is considered sacred and symbolically embodies freedom. The modern, gentle salt production takes place today on the natural island of Molokai (Moloka'i), which is located in the middle of the island chain of Hawaii.

Alaea Red Gold - an exceptional salt with unique advantages

The long island of Molokai is one of the eight main islands of Hawaii. It is also called "The Friendly Island" or a forgotten island. Until now, the natural island has been spared from mass tourism and still offers a great deal of its originality with its thin population, which consists mostly of locals. Here you can discover unspoilt, magnificent natural beauty. Life with and in nature is of course lived. In this magnificent place, there are no tall buildings, no traffic, no traffic lights and no hustle and bustle. It seems that time has stopped a bit in this idyll. This is why there are ideal conditions for salt extraction. The pure natural product is produced here by hand but in an already modernized form. The Hawaiian salt is considered to be particularly pure and unpolluted. It contains numerous minerals and trace elements.

Rich in tradition, aromatic and an absolute highlight in every kitchen

The traditional production of the high-quality Hawaiian salt, which is also traded under the term Red Alaea Salt, promises very high quality. The sea salt dried in a slow evaporation process under a lot of sunlight is enriched with the valuable Alaea clay. This compound produces the special orange-brown-red hue. In addition to the visually appealing component associated with it, the taste aromas make this mixture an absolute gourmet salt, which refines dishes of various kinds in taste.

Versatile use as decorative salt and for tasteful seasoning

The beautiful orange-red colour of the Alaea salt has an extremely decorative character. This is not the only reason why this high-quality sea salt is very popular and highly valued by top chefs worldwide. Its luxurious aroma also pampers the palate in a special way. The mild taste typical of sea salt is complemented by a note often described as slightly nutty, earthy undertones and a sweet aftertaste. This special taste experience inspires the pampered gourmet chef as well as the hobby chef, who wants to bring a certain exclusivity to his dishes. The noble salt is suitable as a special ingredient for many different dishes.

Hawaii salt as a fine ingredient with high gourmet demands

Because of its excellent taste, the red Hawaiian salt is not only highly appreciated by Hawaiians. It has long since conquered the world and is one of the highest quality salts. It is ideal for vegetables, soups, various sauces and marinades. The traditional speciality fits perfectly with scallops. It can also be used for seasoning raw fish, various meats and grilled goods. The coarse-grained salt has a grain thickness of 1 to 2 mm. It can be finer ground with a salt mill, depending on the need and purpose. Placed on the table for seasoning, the red Hawaiian salt in the spice mill also offers a nice eye-catcher. Its decorative properties can also be specifically staged when serving on the plate.

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