FireFly BBQ Fundimentals Class Aug 6

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A real learning day, packed full of demonstration, hands-on tuition, and lots of one-to-one time, as well as getting to use a whole host of different BBQ Grills:
  • Kamado Joe BBQ grills
  • Gravity-fed smokers
  • Offset stick burner
  • ProQ bullet
  • UDS drum smoker
  • GMG pellet grill
  • Master-built Digital BBQs
  • Savage BBQ live-fire rack with Asado equipment

This class is intended for people who are looking to get into real BBQ, how to control the heat in a BBQ, and which fuel, smoke and food combinations work well.

You will learn how to make a dry rub, when best to apply it, and when to apply a sauce or baste. Simple BBQ dishes will be cooked such as chicken wings, steaks and smash burgers.

The atmosphere is lovely and laid back, you will take lots of new ideas and techniques away to get you inspired to cook outdoors.

The class will have 3 hours of teaching/cooking, and then an hour to enjoy eating the food we have cooked, chat and ask questions.

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