Mild West African Curry Paste

 Mild West African Curry Paste

Tasting Notes

“A vibrant taste working its way through all the flavours with sweetness from the onions, punch from the ginger, well-judged spicing leaving a glow and taste sensation in the mouth. Simply delicious.” Great Taste judging panel




Vegan friendly, Gluten free, No Added Sugar, Dairy free.

No additives or preservatives


This is a very rich and aromatic dark coloured curry. The use of ingredients such as celery & thyme give a lovely herby flavour. Made to go equally well when diluted with water (1/1) or Coconut Milk (1/1). The use of coconut milk alters the flavours significantly giving a very rich, creamy flavour with just a hint of sweetness which particularly complements chicken, fish and other seafood. This is a firm favourite with children.



Empty contents of jar into pot and add 500g meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. Add 1 jar of water (slightly less for chicken/seafood) or 1 tin of coconut milk. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer until cooked. Great as a simple marinade



Celery, Mustard Seeds, Sulphites



180g Serves 2-3

Ambient – 18 Months

Opened refrigerated – 2 weeks

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