MONOLITH Junior Grill Black with Cart

MONOLITH Junior Grill Black with Cart

Born out of pure passion for grilling, the Monolith Junior is based on the millennia-old Kamado principle, which is considered the ideal grilling method. This great ceramic grill combines the advantages of a classic charcoal grill with those of a stone oven.

The highlights of the Monolith Junior ceramic grill in black:

  • Extremely efficient grilling
  • Ideal for long cooking at low temperatures
  • Grill body made of solid ceramic
  • Even heat distribution inside the grill
  • Easy addition of smoking chips

The Monolith Junior Grill and how it works

The Monolith Junior Grill has a thick, closed ceramic cover. This efficiently stores the heat inside the cooking chamber. The stored heat is then released evenly from all sides to the food to be grilled, which leads to a very even and particularly gentle cooking process.

The efficiency of this Kamado grill is unmatched when grilling. With only 3 kg of charcoal you can achieve a grill time of up to 24 hours in the low temperature range. And without having to add coal. This efficiency is achieved by a sophisticated draft system, with which you can easily regulate and maintain the temperatures inside the grill chamber between 70 ° C and up to 400 ° C.

This opens up a very wide temperature window in which you can prepare a wide variety of dishes. With a deflector stone, you can grill with direct or indirect heat. So you can fry steaks directly over the embers or let "low & slow" dishes soak for hours in indirect heat.

The great efficiency of the Monolith Junior ceramic grill offers the pleasant side effect that even very little oxygen is used. This leads to little air movement inside the grill chamber. The grilled food does not dry out, but remains wonderfully juicy.

Many advantages with the Monolith Junior ceramic grill

What is special about the Monolith Junior is the combination of the advantages of a classic charcoal grill and stone oven. That is why you can not only prepare traditional grilled dishes with this ceramic grill, but also bake delicious dishes. Home made bread, delicious pizza or a roast? No problem for the Monolith Junior.

The monolith is not only economical in its low fuel consumption. If all the coal has not been used up after grilling, you can simply close all air controls. A short time later, the embers go out due to the lack of oxygen and the next time you grill, you can use the coal again.

Compared to metal grills, the outside of the Monolith Junior does not heat up excessively due to the thick ceramic layer. This means that less heat is wasted and the risk of burning on the outside is reduced.

But the Monolith Junior also offers a great function for lovers of dishes with smoked taste. Thanks to a sophisticated construction made of a smoking rail and slide, you can simply put smoking chips or spices directly over the embers into the grill chamber without having to open the lid. So the cooking process is not interrupted unnecessarily.

The MONOLITH Junior is available in black and red, either with the cart or with ceramic feet, perfect for professional kitchens or for your own designed outdoor kitchen.

Monolith Junior Grill Black with Cart

2 stainless steel side handles
Stainless Steel Bands and Hinge
Unique Smoke Wood Pellet Feeder System
German engineered metal frame
2 locking castors
10 Year Warranty On Ceramic Parts


  • 33 cm (13") Stainless Steel Cooking Grid - equivalent in size and weight to the Kamado Joe Junior and the Small Big Green Egg
  • Includes Heat Deflector
  • Includes a Grill Expander
  • Stainless Steel Bands
  • Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Overall Height (including Cart) - 93 cm (36.5 inches)
  • Dome Width - 44 cm (17 inches)
  • Dome Depth (including handle and hinge) - 52 cm (20.5 inches)
  • Weight 43 kg
  • Cast Iron Charcoal Grate

Some assembly required.


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