MONOLITH LeCHEF PRO-Series 1.0 - Standalone Grill


The Heavy Weight. The MONOLITH Le Chef is the largest grill in the MONOLITH family. With an impressive 140 kg and a grid diameter of 55 cm, need we say any more? The MONOLITH Le Chef is the perfect grill for cooking large amounts of meat or simultaneous cooking of many different dishes. Barbecuing, smoking, baking, cooking, or roasting – everything is possible – in unprecedented dimensions. The grilling surface is quickly increased through the 2nd and 3rd level grids making it perfect for parties, barbecue teams, street food vendors, restaurants and caterers. Our unique system of supplying wood chips, chunks or pellets allows you to insert the smoke chips directly over the hot charcoal – without having to raise the lid! Complemented with extensive accessories including the cast iron grid, pizza stone, wok and stand the LeChef is the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

The MONOLITH Le Chef is available in black and red, either with the cart and bamboo side tables, or with ceramic feet, perfect for the Buggy or for your own designed outdoor kitchen.

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