Muscat Wine BBQ Wood Smoking Chips

Muscat is a sweet wine made from the muscat grape variety and it can be extracted form sweet or dry wine , it has low acidity and it is very aromatic and sweet. This naturally sweet wine is made in oak barrels, so that the taste and smell of the Muscat still remain trapped in the oak after the barrels are emptied.

These barrels are turned into chips that unite the quality of the oak with the quality of the wine, resulting in an ideal complement to cooking food on the barbecues or gas ovens.

The Moscatel chips brings a typical floral fragrance of this grape variety, offering food a sweet and musky flavour.


Product: Wooden staves made from French, American and European oak used in the great Wineries from Spain for producing wines and spirits.

Composition: Oak chips from Moscatel wine barrels.

Presentation: Plastic bag.

Weight: 360g

Product recommended for: Charcoal and Gas barbecues

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