Oak Wood Wood Smokin Chips

OAK CHIPS are small wood chips designed principally to give life to your barbecue and allow you to experience fantastic flavours in your grilled food.

OAK CHIPS infuse and intensify the flavours and aromas of the wine ageing process creating surprising results for the palate
How to Use:

To ensure optimal results, we recommend the following instructions depending on the medium used:

1. Choose the necessary amount of Grits to use. (We recommend 1 - 2 cups or handful's).

2. Poke holes the tray base to facilitate vaporization of the product.

3. When the charcoal or wood is properly lit and at the right temperature, place the chips in their aluminium tray on top of the charcoal. If you are using a gas barbecue place the tray over the heat.

4. If your barbecue has a lid we recommend closing this so that the meat is well smoked with the aroma of the wine-soaked wood.


Product: French, American and European oak wood used in the production of wines.

Composition: Oak wood chips impregnated with red wine.

Presentation: Plastic bag.

Weight: 360g.

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