Sea Salt Coarse Organic

Product: Organic Sea Salt

Origin: Red Sea Turkey

Description: Refined natural sea salt.

The salt is produced by solar evaporation of sea water in ponds located by the Red Sea coast.

The salt manufacturing is done without chemicals thus obtaining the white crystal glaze. It is a high quality salt. When sea salt is bleached, pouring agents are added, which eliminate many of the essential nutrients and chemicals that remain in especially organic sea salt.

Since bleached salt is processed, it is usually combined with artificial iodine and a non-caking agent, containing three synthetic chemicals overall: sodium, iodine, and chloride. While the nutritional profiles appear to be similar, unbleached sea salt naturally contains iodine, so it doesn't have to be removed during processing and then re-added afterwards. (Seems like unnecessary work, right?) Unbleached sea salt also naturally contains calcium, magnesium, and trace elements of iodine, selenium, and chromium. Unbleached sea salt also usually contains less sodium, but yields a higher salt flavour.

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