BBQ Meat Saver Peach Paper 619 mm x 550 mm (pack 20)

BBQ Meat Saver Peach Paper 619 mm x 550 mm (pack 20)

Take your BBQ to the next level with peach paper.

Many competition teams are switching from tin foil to peach paper to wrap their brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs to get past the "stall". The "stall" is the point where the meat seems to stop cooking and the temperature stays constant barely changing. The barbecue stall is a simple consequence of evaporative cooling by the meat's own moisture slowly released over hours from within its pores and cells. As the temperature of cold meat rises, the evaporation rate increases until the cooling effect balances the heat input. Here peach paper comes to the rescue allowing your meat to breathe while retaining plenty of moisture and maintaining that bark that you have spent hours creating.

The peach paper does not break up even when wet and strips cleanly away from the meat unlike other papers available on the market. For more information visit our page on What is peach paper.

Size: 619 mm x 550 mm. Sold in Packs of 20

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