PK Grills PKGO GrillGrates with tool

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Steakhouse Searing In Your Backyard

Nothing sears a steak like GrillGrates.  This PKGO-specific GrillGrate® consists of 3 interlocking panels sits on top of your PKGO's cooking grid to create a highly heat-conductive cooking surface.  The magic is in the raised rails which rapidly transfer heat upward to cook foods fast and evenly, like an infrared cooker.  

While your PK is designed to eliminate flare-ups when cooking with the capsule closed, GrillGrates block flare-ups from burning your food while the lid is open.  This is great for cooking steaks at very high temps and achieving a steak house quality sear.  GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum, which conducts heat more efficiently than cast iron or stainless steel.  The world's best competition steak cooks cook on PK Grills using GrillGrate®.  If you love to cook steak, chops, chicken breasts or any other "hot and fast" food, you need a set of these.  

Set includes 3 panels and the GrateTool.