Mild West African Red Stew Paste

Mild West African Red Stew Paste


Vegan friendly, Gluten free, No Added Sugar, Dairy free.

No additives or preservatives


This is a tomato-based cooking paste with lots of herbs particularly thyme giving it a real fresh and herby flavour. Delicate but rich it benefits from cooking with all vegetables and particularly fish and seafood. Delicious with pork, chicken and rabbit. This dish is widely used across West Africa and can be used to easily make the famous “Jollof Rice”



Empty contents of jar into pot and add 500g meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. Add 1 jar of water (slightly less for chicken/seafood) or 1 tin of coconut milk. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer until cooked.



Celery, Sulphites



180g Serves 2-3

Ambient – 18 Months

Opened refrigerated – 2 weeks

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