Taste of America BBQ Selection

Taste of America BBQ Selection

Perfect for the spice loving BBQ King/Queen in your life, this kit contains everything you need to create the ultimate British BBQ.  Our Taste of America gift set is just what you need to take your taste buds on a road trip across the biggest barbecue states of the USA.

From Memphis with its sweet not spicy BBQ Pig Rub, and Red Sauce.

Kansas's Smoky lightly spiced BBQ Rub, and Sauce.

Texas's Mexican inspired spicy BBQ Rub & Sauce with Ancho, Pasilla, and Guajillo Chillies.

Use the specially designed and extensively taste-tested rubs to really enhance any piece of plain chicken, fish, or pork, then break into the sauces.


175ml Kansas Sweet and Smoky BBQ Rub

175ml Texas Hot N' Spicy BBQ Rub

175ml Memphis Pig BBQ Rub

268ml Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce

268ml Kansas Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauce

268ml Memphis Red BBQ Sauce


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