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Cedar Wrapped Goat Loin with Pancetta and Spinach - FireFly Barbecue

Cedar Wrapped Goat Loin with Pancetta and Spinach

A simple recipe that can be used for lamb or pork tenderloins.

Ingredients: Tenderloin, spinach, and pancetta

Soak the Cedar Wraps in water for 10 minutes then lay the pancetta over the cedar wrap.

Then remove the stalks from the spinach and lay that over the pancetta, and place the tenderloin at one end. Start to roll the tenderloin over wrapping it in the pancetta and spinach as you go to create a little sausage.Ten wrap the cedar paper round the sausage you have just made, and tie it with some string.

Cedar wrapped goat loin

Then place into a pre-heated oven180c or onto your BBQ. Timing can change depending on the BBQ but when it starts to blacken you be close to done, but always use an instant read thermometer if in any doubt especially for pork. The pancetta and cedar paper will help prevent overcooking and keep the meat moist.

Cedar wrapped goat

Allow it to rest for 10 minutes, and then slice.

cedar wrapped goat

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