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Primo Ceramic Grills

The American Primo Ceramic Kamado BBQ unique Oval in shape and proudly manufactured in America, Primo Ceramic Grills offer the versatility and quality you get with a round Ceramic grill. Primo Ceramic BBQs have a patented oval design which as a result allows for more temperature control and even heat distribution without the need of any Slow Roller Design. 

The unique oval design by Primo Grills allows for a more practical cooking area, enabling you the ability to cook amply sized meat joints. Not only are they perfect for Searing, Roasting and Grilling these Oval Ceramic grills are ideal for long and slow perfection with great temperature control allowing you to smoke at low temperatures with ease. 

Available in a range of sizes from our baby Primo Junior which is perfect for smaller gardens then we grow to the Primo LG 300 which offers a large cooking area slightly bigger than the standard 18 "round classic Kamado and then we have the beast of the family the huge Primo XL400. 

Fancy seeing these in action? During the year we hold live BBQ Cooking demo and we often have the guys from Primo over to our Showroom here in Birmingham for live BBQ cooking demos featuring different cooking methods and always great food to be had.

Browse our Primo ceramic grills now to take advantage of the superb prices and deals on offer or contact us today to speak to our friendly customer service team about our Primo products.

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