Monolith Kamado Barbecues

The new Monolith Kamado Barbecue Pro Series 2.0 in detail

The new PRO SERIES 2.0 Monolith Kamados have a slew of functional and technological improvements, as well as design optimisation. A new era of kamado barbecue has begun,the era of Monolith Kamado Barbecue Pro 2.0

Introduction to the Pro Series 2.0

The Series 1.0 was just about perfect, but because striving to develop and improve is part of our DNA, we have pushed the boundary and created the new Monolith Pro Series 2.0. We have continued to fine-tune our ceramic barbecues, combining the innovations of the existing Pro Series 1.0 – the firebox and the smart-grid-system (SGS) – with a number of clever new features. The new Pro Series 2.0 combines traditional ceramic cooking with modern technological innovation, resulting in stunning results and food with unique flavours.

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The different cooking methods

Thanks to the extreme versatility and multifunctionality of the Monolith Pro Series 2.0, it can be used in various ways: as a grill, barbecue, charcoal oven, smoker and also with the help of optional accessories, as a pizza and bread oven, a rotisserie, a plancha, and wok stove.

1 direct grilling

Grill like a pro directly over hot coals on the included Stainless Steel Grid or the optional cast iron grill grate. High heat directly from the coals gives your food those desired sear marks and true authentic barbecue flavour.

2 indirect grilling

Now see all the real advantages of having a Monolith over any other piece of cooking equipment. By placing the Deflector Stone over the hot coals you shield the direct heat away from your food creating a perfectly controllable convection oven. Roast, bake or braise anything from whole fish and roasting joints to cakes and casseroles.

3 Baking

With a Monolith and the optional extra pizza stone, there is no need to invest in a separate pizza oven, now you can easily make authentic Italian thin-crust pizzas or even American deep pan pizzas to impress your friends and family. With Monolith you can easily raise the temperature to 400°C and cook the perfect pizza in minutes. This setup is also perfect for flatbreads.