Monolith Kamado Barbecues

The complete outdoor kitchen

The global Covid-19 situation is presenting the BBQ market with significant supply issues this season and market demand for the new Monolith Pro Series 2.0 is stronger than ever. Because the information is changing rapidly we are updating the monolith grill page here with the latest information.

Monolith accessories continue to be available so please check our individual listings for details.

MONOLITH is freedom. A ceramic grill that delivers on all that it promises. Grilling, smoking, baking, searing, barbecuing or roasting. Enjoy all the options, enjoy surprising your guests, enjoy indulging your palate. Your garden will become a realm of endless choices.

The Monolith is designed. It combines aesthetics with functionality. An object of art, pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

The Monolith is tradition. The Kamado has traditionally been used by the Chinese and Japanese for over 3000 years. In the 70s the modern ceramic grill started to evolve out of the Japanese Mushikamado and began to blaze its trail of success.

Monolith – Meet the team

The MONOLITH family consists of four sizes – ICON, Junior, Classic and Le Chef.
You can choose the size that perfectly suits your needs.
All three sizes excel in performance, providing barbecue enjoyment of the highest level!

All models are available in black or red.

Monolith ICON Monolith junior Monolith Classic Pro 2.0 Monolith LeChef Pro 2.0



Ideal for 3 – 8 people
Size D 33 cm



Ideal for 1 – 2 people
Size D 33 cm



Ideal for 3 – 8 people
Size D 46 cm



Ideal for 6+ people
Size D 55 cm

Further information for Monolith Accessories

For even more options and joy when grilling with the Monolith Ceramic Grill. With the wide range of Grill Tools, Covers, Carts, Ceramic Grill Accessories, Supplements & Smoke Pellets the Monolith Ceramic Grill is so versatile you will be amazed at what is possible with your Monolith Ceramic Grill!

The perfect tools for perfect results!