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Charcoal Comparison Tests

Charcoal Comparison Test's

The Equipment:
  • Flame Boss 200 Pit Controller
  • Gateway Drum BBQ
  • ProQ Chimney Starter

Flameboss200 ThermaQProQ ChimneyUDS drum smoker

The Test:

  • Fill the ProQ chimney starter with carcoal
  • Light the chimney with wood wool and left until fully lit (10m ish)
  • Flame Boss set to 230F (a common temperature for low n'slow)
  • Pour the lit charcoal into the drum basket
  • Put basket into the UDS, and let the Flame Boss do its job.
  • Observe the results

The key Information is the Temperature graph which shows how evenly the charcoal is burning, and the Fan speed which show how hard the controller is working to maintain the temperature. Sometime we will note anything out of the ordinary.

Disclaimer: This is a bit of fun, and help people see that there is a difference between different charcoals. We don't make a value judgement because that is unfair on artisan small batch producers, and those that are environmentally friendly (eg sustainable, CO2 neutral)


For the purposes of comparisons I am grouping the charcoal into three groups.

Lumpwood, Briquettes, and composite (everything else)

Click on the name of the charcoal to see its results or click on one of the 3 group links to see the overall comparison.






bbq charcoal briquette comparisonLumpwood charcoal comparison

BBQ charcoal



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