Charcoal Comparison Tests

Charcoal Comparison Tests



The Equipment:

  • Flame Boss200
  • UDS Drum BBQ
  • ProQ Chimney Starter
  • ThermaQ Temperature Monitor

Flameboss200 ThermaQProQ ChimneyUDS drum smokerbbq wood wool starterbbq chimney starter lit

The Test:

  • One Full Chimney starter of charcoal
  • Started with wood wool and left until fully lit
  • Flame Boss set to 230F (a common temperature for low n'slow)
  • Pour the lit charcoal into the basket
  • Put basket into the UDS, and let the Flame Boss do its job.
  • The ThermaQ is a calibrated thermometer was used to confirm the Temp.


For the purposes of comparisons I am grouping the charcoal into three groups.

Lumpwood, Briquettes, and composite (everything else)

Click on the name of the charcoal to see its results or click on one of the 3 group links to see the overall comparison.







bbq charcoal briquette comparisonLumpwood charcoal comparison

Composite Charcoal Comparison