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Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality


We are passionate about barbecue, what goes into our products, and how it is manufactured. Clean Label means you won't find anything in our products that you cannot readily identify. There is nothing hidden or masked by obscure names or scientific E numbers just honest, simple ingredients.

We are committed to sourcing the best quality ingredients from around the world. To maintain freshness, we buy in small batches, produce in small batches, and have strict specifications for all of our products, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. We use Real Italian Tomato in our passata which gives a better flavour instead of tomato paste bought in bulk from China and mixed with water.

We source all our ingredients.

Manufacture all our products, and package everything ourselves to ensure we have an unbroken production chain from start to finish. To say with 100% confidence that our products are Gluten Friendly, Dairy-Free, and free from anything that google or Wikipedia needs to explain.


In 2020 we became a member of the Safe and Local Supplier Association and passed our first audit.

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