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BBQ Rubs

BBQ rubs are an essential part of American style outdoor cooking. It is an amazing yet simple way of getting an intense flavour with whatever you are cooking- be it meat, fish or veg.

Here we explain how to use them to the best effect, whether grilling, roasting, frying or smoking.

All of our rubs are 100% natural, with nothing artificial added at all, to make sure that you get the very best BBQ experience possible.


Cuban Mojo Rub in Oil

BBQ Turkey Rub

BBQ Rub On a Chopping Board with Steak

Cajun BBQ Burger Mix

Mix with Oil

Ideal for fish and lean meats. Mixing the rub with some vegetable or olive oil in a bowl helps you achieve an even coating.

Typically, used for 

Fish, chicken breast, and pork tenderloin.

The Rub

This is where the spice mixtures get their name from. Sprinkle the spices over and rub them into the meat with your hands - it is just that simple. Using a rub allows the flavour of the spices penetrate into the meat and also creates an even taste.

Typically, used for 

Ribs, and large cuts, but can really be used on pretty much any meat, fish or vegetable in whichever way you choose to have them!

Sprinkled on Turkey, Pork, Chicken, Beef...

Quite the 'chefy' thing to do is to sprinkle the rub onto a board, as much or as little as you want, and then you can spread it around so you don't just cover one area.

Typically, used for

Any boneless meat or fish which can make full contact with the board.

In the Mix

Mixing it in directly with your beef, pork, or lamb mince will give you the ultimate burger or kebab. With strange things appearing in our food these days, making it yourself ensures quality, and because our spices have no additives, there is nothing to taint your meat in any way.

Typically used for

Burgers, kebabs, and koftas.

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