About Us

What started as a personal endeavour to improve our barbecue home cooking, quickly turned into a thriving business of exceptionally developed sauces and rubs that have won five Great Taste awards in one year.

While we’ve been working tirelessly to change the UK’s poor barbecue reputation, we also strive to take you back to great food by incorporating simple ingredients that inspire lovely conversation.

Our passion for authentic flavour has led us on a journey to the USA, where we’ve discovered the truly distinct styles of the southern regions known for their American barbecue traditions. Today, we as a family are thrilled to bring you our latest smoky, sharp, spicy and rich tastes that excite and motivate.

Our Values:

When it comes to our brand, the approach has always been the same – by exhibiting complete transparency, we build trust and ensure long relationships with our customers.

We understand the positive power of good food and company. We hope our sauces, rubs and marinades bring you closer to the people you love. For us, it’s all about connection being part of the BBQ family.

We’re making it easier than ever for you to add the regional flavours of traditional southern American barbecue to your cooking. Our products give you access to uniquely delicious flavours.

We focus on sourcing all-natural ingredients that are free of additives and full of flavour, so our customers know they’re getting the best value for their money.

As industry experts, we’ve done the research to know our gourmet, hand-crafted sauces and rubs capture the true essence of the American barbecue experience.  

As foodies, we were interested in what was in our food, and when we became a family we wanted to avoid using certain products. Not because they are harmful or evil we just didn't want to. So we don't use E621 (MSG) or E631 (Disodium inosinate) another flavour enhancer made from meat, and we don't use dairy additives or alcohol.