BBQ Rubs and Seasoning's

Explore our range of BBQ rubs - also known as dry rubs, spice rubs, seasoning rubs or dry marinades. Salt brings out the flavour of the meat and other spices, and sugar caramelizes during cooking for a hint of sweetness and deep colour.

Our dry rubs and seasoning's bring meat to life quickly and easily. Our selection includes rubs perfect for chicken, ribs, pork and beef. Ourbarbecue rubs are made from only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices to bring the traditional taste of American BBQ to your table.

From sweet and spicy to smoky and hot, our BBQ rubs have been tenderly hand-crafted to make meats taste so much better. Don't just take our word for it, put some fire in your soul and cook up some succulent barbecue goodness with FireFly. 


Why FireFly Barbecue Rubs?

    Made in the UK - Handmade - Coeliac Friendly

    Absolutely NO NASTIES