BBQ Smoking Wood Chips and Pellets

  For that Authentic American wood-smoked flavour, BBQ wood chips and BBQ smoking are some of the hottest new trends to hit the UK in recent years. Orange, Lemon, and almond wood chips from the fruit farming regions of Spain add subtle layers of flavour. There is no substitute for that American wood smoked meat flavour, and now you can create it in your own back garden.

  Just soak the wood chips overnight then drain and place them in your smoker box when you are ready to cook. Then, just grill as normal with the smoker box resting on your grill plate. The smoke generated in this way will be aromatic and infuse your meat as you cook. Close the barbecue cover and let the smoke penetrate even deeper into the meat.

Charcoal BBQ's - use wood chips

Gas BBQ's - use wood chips or dust in a Smoker box or foil pouch.

Cold Smoking - use wood dust.

As a rule of thumb, fruit woods are mild while nut woods produce a much stronger flavour. Smoke, like seasoning, adds flavour and our quality woods will make a big difference.