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Private Labelling

Want to sell quality products under your brand but without the hassle?

Maybe you just want a fast way of getting your brand out there? Let us take care of that for you! Our Private labelling services allow you to sell quality products under your brand without the hassle. Whether it be Retail or Food Service size, you're guaranteed consistent, high quality products for your customers. With low MoQ starting at just 30kg or 100l.

So how does it work?

Seasonings and Sauces Available for Private Label

Step 1. Pick Your Rub or Sauce

Please choose from our range of award-winning BBQ Rubs and BBQ sauces. These sauces have already been tested and certified, so they are ready for production. With multiple Great Taste Awards, American Royal Winners, and NYC Sauce King Awards to choose from.

Step 2. Pick Your Packaging

Now it is time to decide how you want the sauce packaged. Retail? Food service? Both? We have a wide range of bottles that we can supply ourselves, or there is a vast range to choose from our approved suppliers.
Food Service
Perfect for supplying restaurants or food processing companies. Our Food Service packaging is available in three sizes and is delivered by pallet. These are resealable and 100% recyclable.

Step 3. Design a Label

Once you have decided on the sauce/s you want and the packaging, it is time to design the label/s. This is something that we do not offer. However, we can give you recommendations for designers and label printing companies.

Step 4. Production Time

Once you have your labels designed and printed, it's production time! We fill, label and pack the product so it is shelf-ready for you to start selling to your customers. A pick-up time is scheduled, and the products are safely coming to you.

All our Seasonings and sauces are Vegetarian and Halal.


For more information on Private labelling, Contact us.

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