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Recycling Information

Packaging Recycling Symbols and Triman Guide
 PET Recycling Symbol All our Spice jars are Made from PET Plastic and are fully Recycleable.
Glass Clear Recycling Symbol
All our Sauce bottles are made from Clear Glass and are Fully Recyclable.
HDPE Recycling Symbol
All our 1l, 2.3l, and 25L Sauce containers and made from HDPE plastic and are fully recyclable.
Corugated Card Recycling Symbol
All our boxes are made Corrugated Card and are fully recycleable.
Plastic Other Recycling Symbol All our Catering 1Kg Stand up Pouches are mixed PET and PE, and not recyclable.
Paper Recycling Symbol Our Catering 25 Kg spice bages are made from paper and are fully recycleable.
Triman Recycling Guide Triman all products excluding Non-Catering Sauce Bottles which are Glass.
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