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How long will it take to get my order?

Our goal is to ship orders placed by 1pm GMT the same day, however most orders ship in 1 to 4 days. All of our products are truly handmade in very small batches; we do not stockpile our products. This ensures the freshest, highest quality, and most consistent sauces and rubs available. Occasionally we get a little backed up, but we have been working hard and taking steps to keep any delays minimal without sacrificing quality or our commitment to producing handmade, small batch, and truly artisan products.

Do you use any MSG in your rubs?

Never. Absolutely no MSG. As a matter of fact, there are no fillers, no anti-caking agents, no micro crystalline cellulose, no preservatives, nothing artificial whatsoever. We only use the finest and freshest all natural spices and herbs.

Are you products Gluten or Dairy Free?

Yes they are and they are also vegetarian, but in some of the sauces we use Worcestershire Sauce which has trace fish so not all our sauces are vegan.

My rub has arrived and it's lumpy- is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal and it occurs because we don't use chemicals or additives to prevent clumping. The moisture in the air, and the molasses content of our sugar will cause clumping.

What’s up with the zip-top stand-up bags? Where’s the spice shaker?

Freshness. Our high-barrier zip-top packaging helps ensure our spice products stay fresh and vibrant for a minimum of 6 months after you open them. This is a marked improvement over standard spice bottles who's properties do very little to help keep the spices they contain fresh, even before you open them. Where’s the proof, you ask? Well, aside from the mountains of industry research that supports this, all you have to do is use your nose. Next time you are in your kitchen, stop by the cupboard and pick up one of our competitor’s spice bottles. Raise it up to your nose and gently squeeze the bottle. Bet you smell the spices don’t you? This is a clear indication that the spices contained in those bottles are not being adequately protected from free oxygen exchange.

Our high-barrier bags, on the other hand, are made from multiple laminations of foil and special barrier materials that reduce free oxygen and moisture exchange to a mere fraction of even the best spice shaker bottle. Additionally, our commitment to freshness and utmost quality is inseparably married to our commitment to recycling and keeping the environment clean. Therefore, we have purposefully chosen to package our product in fully recyclable zip-top pouches that comprise a much smaller carbon footprint than the alternative plastic spice bottle.

Recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown the most effective way to help our environment is by reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging. Its effects are more pronounced than even recycling and reuse combined! As these bags are made from much less plastic than traditional rigid plastic spice shaker bottles, packaging a product in a flexible stand up zip-top bag vs. a rigid plastic bottle can have a tremendous positive impact on the world we live in.


How much rub should I buy? (Related Question: How much rub should I use?)

Like many things in life, the real answer is “it depends”…

We generally recommend that you use approximately 1 large tablespoon per Kilo of meat. However, it really does depend on several things.... how hot you like it, how strong you want the taste, what kind of meat (fish, veg etc) that you are using. If you are cooking a chicken breast (for example) a teaspoon of rub should do nicely for an even coating that isn't too thick. But you can use more or less as you prefer.

If it is the first time trying the rub, the golden rule is to remember that you can always add more but you can't take it away!


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