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LFTS Sauces | FireFly Barbecue

Love from the Streets BBQ Sauces

We have combined all our knowledge, gained from years of working in professional kitchens, catering at festivals and competing at some of the biggest BBQ competitions in the UK, to develop an amazing range of food rubs and sauces.

They can be used in any situation; professional kitchens, BBQ events, street food catering or just making any meal to enjoy at home.  We wanted to create something that could be used every day & on any meal, not just when the BBQ is fired up or when you have special guests.

We only use top grade ingredients; unrefined cane sugar, ultra-high-quality herbs & spices and just the right amount of all-natural sea salt to perfectly balance each sauces flavour profile.  We don’t add anything artificial - No MSG & no sulphates.

 Everything is made with Love from the Streets.

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